Leather & Care

Ducourty pieces are unique, they have been manufactured in the U.S.A. by talented artisans whose craftsmanship and attention to detail is our main focus. We believe in good products that are made with love. 

Ducourty uses high quality Calf Leathers and Calf Suede Leathers from Italy that need to be taken care of well. That's why we recommend our customers to use a leather conditioner to lubricate and protect your item.

Our products are subject to the strictest standards of quality, as monitored by our technical services department. Marks or irregularities in natural hides can appear even in the most luxurious skins, these are naturally occurring features and should not be thought of as imperfections. 

Ducourty are fragile and require an extreme care when traveling with it. 

Leather & Suede.

Suede leathers are very delicate, they need special care. This is why Ducourty recommends :

- to keep you product in a dry environment when not in use.

- to avoid direct sunlight, artificial light or sources of heat.

- to keep your product away from water, oils, perfumes and cosmetics.

- in case of marking, consult a leather goods specialist : shoe repairer. 

It is advisable to avoid bending the item or not to subject it to excessive stresses. To keep its smooth texture it is important to brush it gently with a soft brush. If your Ducourty product has been in contact with water, wait until it dries before cleaning it. 

Ducourty also advises you to be careful when wearing light-colored clothing with colored suede products. 

When not in use, store the product in its protection bag. 

Our hides come mainly from Europe and are produced with respect for the environment, the water used to make the leather is recycled to reduce water consumption (certified UNI EN ISO 14001).