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With a classic appearance, refined materials and a design that points to practicality, this new brand has created the ideal bag for summer.
Kevin Berruer describes his Simone bag with the same characteristics as a woman. Words like refined, beautiful, practical or "so french" speak of this tote bag, with which the designer has embarked on his new brand, Ducourty, with which he seeks to unite the best of what the world can offer: nature and art.
It is not surprising that this is so, because they were two great women who served as inspiration to give life to the bag that started it all and the one that has everything necessary to become the accessory obsession of this summer: A classic aspect, of those that they surpass any tendency, courtesy of the eternal and feminine style of the grandmother of the designer, his main muse for this project, who taught him how to make bags in the afternoons after school as a child. A memory that he keeps with great affection and that served as the engine to create this proposal. Not in vain the brand bears his grandmothers' maiden name, Ducourty and the first design is named after her first name, Simone.
Just as her -very French- grandmother gave the essence of what this new brand and its products would be, the designer's fiancée, the blogger Julie Sariñana (@sincerelyjules) -and especially her style- were key references to think about the woman who would carry these bags and help create the aura that would envelop these designs, designed for those with a bohemian spirit,  traveler and with curiosity for the world that surrounds them.
The mixture of two types of leather make this tote -of classic appearance- an accessory that stands out among the great offer that is on the market. "I wanted women to be able to use a suede bag without having to worry about their clothes rubbing," Berruer explains, for this reason the front side is plain leather and the back side is suede.  
So if you are a follower of @sincerelyjules or everything French, here is a new brand that will cover all your expectations.
- Vogue Mexico